• We Share a Common Bond with Immigrant Community We Serve

    Family is at the core of the immigrant lives. Prime Health celebrates family values by offering MNsure healthcare enrollment services geared towards protecting you and your loved ones from unexpected medical costs when life's events happen.

Founded by Immigrants for Immigrants!

Prime Health was founded with the realization that health insurance enrollment needs of immigrants could best be met by an immigrants who have lived through the challenges and grown to understand the pains of navigating health insurance coverage in a "foreign land". This intrinsic understanding sets us apart from any other navigators. 

We are a service where all are welcome and treated as family. Family is foundational to us, West Africans. At Prime Health, you feel at home with certified navigators. 

Prime Health's founding principal, herself a West African immigrant, has deep roots in the North West Metro. Her professional career in healthcare has given her the foundational understanding of both the underlying cultural sensitivities and the inherent challenges within her community. 

At Prime Health, you receive more than MNsure enrollment. Our comprehensive program includes a range of health insurance-related case management services. For instance, we help you make sense of the notices you may receive from MNsure and the Minnesota Department of Health as well as explain your health insurance benefits to you.

The Prime Health Difference 

What truly sets us apart is our values. We treat health insurance as a fundamental tenet of

a successful life and have a deep commitment to provide utmost privacy and security to 

the personal information of everyone we serve. This is the Prime Health promise.

Expert Enrollment Assistance 

At Prime Health, we'll push you over the finish line of health insurance application submission. All you need is book your FREE appointment. 

Much More than Enrollment

Get enrolled by certified navigators who have the depth of understanding of your challenges - whether it is your communication preference or accent. 

Protect the Future Today!

Your future happiness begins with MNsure enrollment today. How much is peace of mind worth to you? With Prime Health, you get the help you need: FREE! 

We Are Here to Help

Are you wondering where to begin? Get in touch with us to get started. What makes Prime Health different is our understanding that we've been where you are today, trying to figure things and make sense of what to do to get enrolled in healthcare plan. Let's help you enrolled with​ MNsure today. Your enrollment with us is ​FREE.